19 May - 5 June 2011

Steli Christoff

19 May – 5 June 2011

Rakursi Gallery presents the works of two artists who work in the field of abstract painting- Delya Chausheva and Steli Christoff. Each of them following a different approach and way in the abstract.
At the foundation of Delya Chausheva’s canvases, there is the linear drawing, like a specific, stripped down creation provoked by a philosophical thought. For the application of the paint in her paintings, Delya Chausheva uses a palate knife with a sense of urgency, intensity that fill up the canvas with energy and tension. The space of her works consists of geometrical fields and straight lines that catch a fragment of a movement. Bright and pure colors are combined with the million nuances of black.
Steli Christoff’s approach is different – for his work, intuition is at the source of his creative process. And it is at a later stage of that the intuition is develops into the rational act of composing. He creates unreal compositions made out of geometrical shapes and signs that interact. For the artist the connections and links between the elements of his works are surreal. The harmonies of colors create vibrations that fill up the emotional space of the painting.