3 November 2006

Stoil Mirchev

Stoil Mirchev
painting and sculpture
3 – 21 November 2006

The exhibition “Artefacts” at Rakursi Art Gallery presents paintings and bronze sculptures of Stoil Mirchev. The art works are inspired from the antiquity and ancient finds– a subject that engages the artists’ attention of late years. Parts and details of antique objects serve as basis of his works. They are recreated in expressive style.



Born: 1950 in Sliven, Bulgaria.


1978 – Graphic in National Art Academy, Sofia, in the class of Prof. Poplilov.

Selected exhibitions:

He has over 15 one-man shows in Bulgaria and more than 10 – abroad, among them:

1977 – 1990 – Participation in all General Exhibitions of the Union of Bulgarian Artists

1991 – Gallery “Elle”, Sofia – painting and aquarelle

1996 – Gallery “Sofia – Press”, painting, Sofia

1997 – Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia – painting

1997 – City Art Gallery – Balchik, Bulgaria, aquarelle

2000 – Neu Flidbah, Holland, – painting and sculpture

2000 – Gallery “Cyclop”, Sofia – painting and sculpture

2000 – Gallery “De Livde”, Haag, Holland – painting and sculpture

2001 – Gallery “Kjulemborg”, Holland, painting

2001 – Gallery “Sant Port”, Harleem – Holland

2003 – Haag, Holland – painting

2004 – Gallery “La Laguna”, Tenerife – Canary Islands, painting

2004 – “Graffiti”, Gallery “Rakursi”, Sofia – painting and limestone sculpture

2005 – Gallery “Solers”, Sofia – aquarelle

He has taken part in over 20 plain air for painting and sculpture in Bulgaria.

Stoil Mirtchev works in the field of oil painting, aquarelle, graphic and sculpture.

Some of his pictures are owned by the National Art Gallery in Sofia, Sofia City Art Gallery, Galleries in Kjustendil, Gabrovo, Sliven, Burgas and by private collections in Greece, Turkey, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Saint Maarten and Tenerife.