17 June - 3 July 2010

17 June – 3 July 2010

Ognian Zekoff, Nasco Pelev and Orlin Matchev are Bulgarian artists who live and work in Canada for years. The exhibition presents their works created in the last years. Each of them has his own way of expression different from one another. The images of Ognian Zekoff are stylized and create an impression for crossing over the borders of the real space and time. Nasco Pelev’s paintings are inspired from Internet as an open space for communication and interpretation where everyone can express his own point of view. The interest of Orlin Mantchev is focused on different form of meditation and the painting as a part of the concentrated observation which stimulates one’s inner silence.
The works of the three artists cross the border of one cultural identity although they posses the specific Bulgarian sensibility. „Ricochet“ is a collective attempt for a dialog between past and present and between two different cultures.