Lighted Paths

27 January 2011

“Lighted Paths”
27 January – 13 February 2011

Rakursi Gallery presents the exhibition “Lighted Paths” by Yordan Parushev from January 27 to February 13, 2011. The exhibition expresses the feelings and moods of the author, which accompany him over the years. Specifically, it was inspired by the “Wheel of Life” scene from the Church of the Nativity in Arbanasi, which symbolizes life and the transformations of man. The beginning, the rise and the natural end of life – the path we all walk. These are the paths that we illuminate with our presence, pave and others will discover. These are the traces of our existence and a door to an endless chain – the silver thread of human generations.
The technique used is collage – with multiple layers of thin translucent colored paper.