Stories abot angels, fallen angels ect.

Stories abot angels, fallen angels ect.

Evgeni Velev’s artworks are about the good and the evil, about people’s love to God, love to friends and enemies, about temptations and salvation. His attention is focused also on mundane themes and common human relationships.

Two questions of interest  pervade his paintings: about harmony and return to children’s drawing. The artist’s projection of harmony is not an ideally constructed composition, but as in jazz music – a compilation of spontaneity, improvisation, freedom, high emotional charge. The return to the richness and sincerity of a child’s  painting supports the artist’s attempt to achieve this harmony.

Evgeni Velev was born on 23.02.1963 in Dolno Spanchevo village, Petrich municipality.

Graduated the Highschool of Fine Arts in Sofia.
In 1989 he received a diplom in paintig at National Art Academy.

He work as a freelance. He takes part in group and individual exhibitions in Sofia, Sandanski, Melnik, Nesebar, Florence, Rome, Prague, Thessaloniki, Bratislava, Munich, Regensburg. Author of monumental plastic arts and architectural solutions in urban and natural environment. He works in the sphere of graphic design, advertising and publishing.

Most of his paintings are in private collections and galleries abroad: Germany, Great Britain, Japan, USA, Norway, Danmark, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Greece, UAE, Argentine. He participated in several pleners across the country and abroad.  Married with three children: Merian, Joana, Samuil.