Art- Athina 2016

001_Rakursi Art Gallery_Angela Terzieva_Art-Athina_2016.jpeg1 - Inner Cryptid Angela Terzieva-Cycle Total Body, Mixed technique Energy90x85cm Dream - 80-50 cm-oil on canvas Presence 2( 140 - 180sm) - Copy


Rakursi Art Gallery is participating in the annual Art-Athina Art Fair.For Art-Athina Art Fair 2016 the gallery has selected five emerging artists who work in the general direction of the figurative art– Angela Terzieva, Deyan Yanev, Radoil Serafimov and Yavor Boyanov from Bulgaria and Martina Munse- a German artist from the New Leipzig School of Art. The criteria for the selection of the artists is the innovative character of their art works and their ability to provoke different perspectives toward the topics they work on.


003_Rakursi Art Gallery_Martina Munse_Art-Athina_2016.jpeg 005_Rakursi Art Gallery_Yavor Boyanov_Art-Athina_2016.jpeg 004_Rakursi Art Gallery_Radoil Serafimov_Art-Athina_2016.jpeg 002_Rakursi Art Gallery_Deyan Yanev_Art-Athina_2016.jpeg