Anton Terziev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia, Bulgaria
1998 – 2004 National Academy of Arts, MA in Ceramics, Sofia, Bulgaria
1991 – 1996 School of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria
In 2004 he graduated from the National Art Academy, subject: Ceramics.
From 2002 to 2010 he realized nine solo exhibitions and is the winner of seven artist’s awards, the last of which is the BAZA Award for 2010. He works in the field of all the existing media, by treating various subjects of the day often with the means of sharp irony.
Author of Local Heroes, short tales published by “Ciela” 2010, Bulgaria
Urban Yogi For Beginners, short tales published by “Ciela” 2008, Bulgaria
No Portarait for the Artist, poetry book published by “Janet”45, 2007, Bulgaria
Performances and actions
24.09.2009 – “200% Pure Language” – a solo perf. , Sofia, Bulgaria; Euphoria, action with Katia Damianova, Sofia, Bulgaria
“THE PERFECT PAINTER” – a performance with Ultrafuturo group, Dauhaus club, Sofia, 05.02.2007
“RED CROSS” – a solo performance, Sofia, 2007
“HAPPY NEW ORDER” – a solo performance, Sofia, Bulgaria, 31.12.2007
“A DAY WILL COME …” – a performance with Ultrafuturo group, Sofia, 2006
“CODED STRING” –an action with Ultrafuturo group, National Art Gallery, Sofia,01.03. 2006
“ROA EASTER” – an action, , Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006
“I WANTED TO BE A HUMAN”- performance with Ultrafuturo group, National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006
“ICE MUSCLE” -solo performance, 2005
“LIE DETECTOR 2 “- a solo performance, ,in the Seminary, Sofia, Bulgaria , 2005
“LIE DETECTOR 1 “- a solo performance, monastery “St. Nicholas”, Seslavci, Bulgaria, 2005
” BEAUTY-FULL ART” -a performance with Ultrafuturo group, Gallery “Academy”, Sofia, Bulgaria 2005
“WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE CIRCLE”- an action with Ultrafuturo group Out of low, 2005
“NOT A WAR, NOT A PEACE” -an action with Ultrafuturo group, 2005
“ESTABLISHING OF A NATIONAL MOVEMENT ULTRAFUTURO” – an action with Ultrafuturo group, , Sofia, 2005
“PIGMALION” – a bioart project with Ultrafuturo group, Gallery “Circle +”, 2005
“FIRE STEPS”- a solo performance, 2005
“FIRE BALL”- a performance with Ultrafuturo group, 2004
“FIRE WORDS “-a performance with Ultrafuturo group, ICA„ATA, Sofia, Bulgaria 2004
“ROBORIADA”- a performance with Ultrafuturo group, Goethe Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria 2004
Solo Exhibitions
„Hidden Games“ – The Red House Centre for Culture and Debate, Sofia, 2017
2016 URBAN PLAYGROUNDS – DaDa Culture Bar, Sofia
2016 PAINTINGS BY THE BOOK – Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia
“Modern Implements of Labor” – 0 GMS Gallery, Sofia, 2010
“Disconnected people” – installation in Placebo shop, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2009
“SELECTED NATURE” – an exhibition and presentation with Katya Damyanova, Bulgarian Culture Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia, 12.12.2008
“IMAGINE”- paintings, video and objects, Art Center 12, Sofia, 2008
“Act on Instinkt” – Hewlett Packard, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006
“ PSHYCHOTHERAPY” –a video installation, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria 2004
“ PORTRAITS”- paintings,Gallery Bovjel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria2004
“ LIQUIDATION” –paintings, French Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria2003
“ EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL”- paintings, XXL Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2002
“How To Swallow The History” -video,DVD, 2006
“ God Loves The Robots ”-video, DVD, 2004
“ The Love Of Fame ” –video, DVD, 2004
“ More Money More God ”- video, DVD, 2004
“ The Global Therapy ”- video, DVD, 2004
“ These Are The New Painters ”- video, DVD, 2003
“ Do Sports In Opposition”- video, DVD, 2003
Selected group exhibitions
2018 – Alianz group exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria
2018 – “Schock und Schrecken”, exhibition at Goethe Institut, Sofia
2015 – Vienna Contemporary
2010 – BAZA Award for Contemporary Art, Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria; Curator: Daniela Radeva
2010 – Exhibition of “Section 13” – Gallery Industralna, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 – Born Independent, Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 – Disconnected people – installation in Corridor Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2008 – M-Tel Awards for Contemporary Bulgarian Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2007 – “The Presence Of The Body”, Troy, NY
2006 – “On difference 2”, Goethe Institut, Sofia, Bulgaria
2005 – Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany, Curator Regina Hellwig-Schmid
2005 – 2007: We get-to-cease to be? SIBANK Gallery, Sofia
2004 – Social / Poetical Reality, Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2004 – Youth Exhibition, Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2003 – “ Discrimination ” , Nilon Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2002 – “ The Interior ” , Shipka 6 Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2000 – “ Light House A nd Storm ” , Bath, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria
1999 – International Youth Art Festival, Didimotechon, Greece

My sources of inspiration are my stories, they are either imagined or have happened to me. My aim is to create works with plot and subtext without being narrative. I always strive to leave my audience with the sense of an open ending.


Everyone Loves To Get Applause, 1- 120/100 cm,oil on canvas, 2002            Still About Balls, object, 4,5/34/15 cm, edition 5+1AP, 2017

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