1904 – 1989

Gallery Rakursi organizes an exhibition of unknown artworks of the famous Bulgarian painter Stoyan Venev on occasion of his 100th anniversary. The exhibition is arranged together with his family, friends and collectors and shows 60 drawings, aquarelles and pastels.

The painter was born on September 21, 1904 in the village of Skrinyano, district of Kjustendil.

He studied Painting at the State Academy for Fine Arts under Prof. Stefan Ivanov and graduated from it in 1931. From this time until his death on March 22, 1989 he was one of the most popular and productive Bulgarian artists. With oils, graphic works, cartoons and book illustrations Stoyan Venev appeared in various exhibitions in London, Vienna, Paris, Moscow, Athens, New York and Beijing. Many museums and private collections in Europe and America feature his works. He participated the bienniales in Venice and Cannes-sur-Mere, France.

He has won all Bulgarian prestigious awards for artistic accomplishment.

Stoyan Venev -avtoportretStoyan Venev aquarell