She has graduated in Painting from the Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris (1982).
She also studied Graphic Arts in Molino de Santo Domingo and obtained a Master Degree in Latin American Literature from UNAM (both in Mexico City) and has exhibited widely around the world. She lives now in Sofia, Bulgaria and teaches Art at the Anglo-American school.
– September 2020 – Levitation – Rakursi Gallery – painting exhibition
– November 2018 – Shrub’s Soul – Interactive exhibition together with students – Contemporary Space at San Stefano Plaza
– Мay 2018 – Painting sketches and witches ‘brew – interactive painting exhibition at “The house of Sofia”
– May 2017 – 2 parallel exhibitions (hers and her student’s) on the topic of Inspiration from Antiquity Gallery Nuance and Ellinor’s house in Sofia
– May 2016, commissioned by the gallery Rakursi, she created the interactive project THE HUG for visually impaired, in the frame of the project BaGMIVI from the program “Erasmus +” of the EU, see:
– February/March, Sofia, 2016 – 9 Steps to the most important _ interactive painting exhibition, Rakursi gallery, see:
– June, 2015, Interactive Baroque – Historical museum, Stara Zagora,
– June, 2015 – “Stirr the music” – interactive art performance for the night of the museums – Vladiguerov museum, see:
– December 2014 – January 2015 – “Interactive Baroque Angel” – Sevlievo, Bulgaria, see:
– May, 2014, “Yogurt Art” – interactive exhibition for the Night of Museums at Pazardjik, Bulgaria
– Nov-December, 2013, January 2014, “Yogurt Art” – interactive project for Cite des Arts Paris , see:
– November – December 2012, “Bread”- interactive installation – -Sofia, Union of Arts
– October, 2012, “Be a bird” – interactive exhibition at Gallery Industrialna, Sofia, Bulgaria, see:
– January, 2012, “Yeast” – interactive painting exhibition at Gallery Rakursi, Sofia,
– September 2010, “The Bulgarian umbrella from the other side” – exhibition at the gallery Rakursi, Sofia
– June 29, July 1, 2010, “The Bulgarian umbrella from the other side” – performance –garden of the National Library, Sofia, see:
– September 2009 “Sofia puddles” at the gallery Shipka6 – paintings and installations, see:
– July 2006, At Banegaarden Kunst og Kultur
– Aabenraa, Denmark, The “Signs, Shadows & Echoes” multimedia project together with Milen Panayotov – based on the beliefs and traditions in Bulgaria before Christianity
– May 2006, In the crypt of Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Sofia, see:
– February 2005, A series of digital variations of 2 paintings, French Institute, Sofia,
– April 2004, “Transparent Cola graph” at the Art centre, Delft, Holland,
– May 2003, A series of Angel paintings at the Connoisseur’s gallery, 10 Mazarine street, Paris.
– May 2002, A series of paintings in the Town Hall, Edessa, Greece,
– May 2002, At the International Painting salon in Nancy, France Mariangela has been awarded the 3rd prize, May 2002
As an artist in residence she has been invited
In Paris, Cite des Arts (2013)
In Moimirovce, Slovakia (2012)
In Aabenraa, Denmark (2006);
Zadar, Croatia (2002);
Valparaiso, Spain (2001).
She has worked with different media: performance, installation, painting, graphic art, wall painting and recently her exhibitions are interactive with her students or with participation from the public.

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