Edmond Demirdjian Foundation Awards

Edmond Demirdjian Foundation Awards
15 – 25 September 2013

With this exhibit The Edmond Demirdjiyan Foundation gives their annual award for a young painter. The choice of the jury consisting of Maria Vasileva, Nadejda Oleg Lyahova, Daniela Radeva and Pravdoliub Ivanov for 2013 is Liuben Petrov.

Lliuben Petrov was born in 1984 in Burgas. 2003-2007 he studies at the

National Academy of Arts from where he graduates with a Bachelors degree. In 2009 the continues his education in the University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts in Burno, Chzeck Republic. He completes his Masters Degree in 2011 in the class of prof. Martin Mainer. Liuben has had solo shows in Burgas, Burno, and Prague. He takes part in a lot of group shows as well. In

2012 is chosen to be among the finalists for the “MOST” award, Bulgaria. 2013 he wins the ART Prague award for a young artist under the age of 35.

Here’s what Liuben says about his work: “I have always been interested in stories from the perspective of a teller as well as a listener. In my paintings I convey stories that I have experienced myself. I misplace faces and characters and I portray them in different circumstances. In that way I am hoping that I can turn the story into something more impressive and interesting and that I can create a whole new atmosphere of the visual image. This transformation is based on my personal perception of the world and also on my sense of humor and positive disposition. Transforming information is my way of conveying to the audience a new feeling of reality.”